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    Orders are processed in the order they are received. Orders are accepted with the understanding that stock is available. In some cases, limited availability may prevent us from shipping the quantity you requested. Please know we will do our best to fulfill your complete order. Please allow 7-9 business days for processing and delivery. Please contact us directly for more urgent needs or requests. Some stock is extremely limited, but even if currently sold out we still may be able to fulfill that request, please contact us directly.





    Orders delivered to the United States or to Canada should arrive in 4 – 7 business days depending on delivery location. Orders delivered to an APO/FPO, and any U.S. Territory address, should arrive in 15 – 20 business days. These delivery estimates include order processing time. We ship internationally, please send us an email to inquire for rates and delivery times.

   FISCHcreative directorShe is a German fashion designer whose knitwear line sells millions of units worldwide.  Prior to that she worked in one of Munich’s finest haute-couture ateliers, finding herself as one of Germany’s best (and most precise) dressmakers. This pedigree was noticed by Germany's fashion-tzar Rudolph Moshammer, and for a time her only charge was hand-sewing each and every one of his signature pocket squares.         A PASSION FOR ALL THINGS TIMELESS.[FISCH]                  BYKfounderA lifelong passionate surfer, Byk is something of a renaissance man whose passion for luxury and style has afforded him access to world’s greatest markets… from fashion to art to wine and back to fashion.         OUR BEAUTYIS PERFECTIONAND OURPERFECTIONIS BEAUTY.[BYK]                   Byk & Fisch are a husband-and-wife team with over two decades of combined sewing, design, and international luxury expertise.  Fueled by curiosity, the couple spends much of their free time traveling and experiencing life, art and fashion on every level. We believe in doing one thing and one thing only:  Proudly crafting the finest pocket adornments the world has ever known… for both Men and Women.   LEARN MORE ABOUT BYK AND FISCH DETAILS > click here.