boardbag cover with elastic mesh netting strap closure mottai surf surfing
Fabric mottai SUIKA
Flava boardbag cover with elastic mesh netting strap closure mottai surf surfing
Back view Elastic netting closure with strap all of our boardbags come standard with this mottai surf
Fabric mottai surf with cat head print at backside of board SUIKA

SUIKA Surfboard Bag Stretch Knit Scuba Sock

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  • Lightweight scuba knit fabric protects your board from sand and dirt, sunlight, and unwanted scratches and dings.
  • Sleek and custom fit allows for easy transport in: cars, bikes (no loose strings to tangle in spokes) public transportation (subway and bus)
  • Ultra-tech, double-knit Scuba Fabric (designed with water in mind!)
  • Durable and Stylish Leather Nose Guard
  • Double Needle Safety Stitched Edges (basically mean it's tough as nails)
  • Our bags come in different lengths and nose-shapes, please select the nose-shape and actual length that is closest to your board.
  • Wash inside out if needed, with lukewarm water. Do not put in dryer! Dry with nose on board so leather retains shape.


  • Body: 95% Polyester/ 5% Spandex Scuba Knit
  • Nose protector: 100% Real Leather
  • Printed “MOTTAI” logo on front of bag
  • Embroidered “MOTTAI SURF” patch on front of bag
  • Our regular boardbag will always be a roll-up Velcro-closure with a stretchable mesh-netting strap

Boardbag Extras

  • EXTRA OPTION: Diamond dust printed “MOTTAI” logo on front of bag
  • EXTRA OPTION: Large 9”x9” printed MOTTAI CAT head on back of bag


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